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The urban cats’ photo album

Meet again the characters whom you loved in Memories of an urban cat. They are all present, as well as the newcomers.
108 art photographs in colour and black and white, which shall help you know more about these “hairy’’ heroes.

Only in french edition at the moment.

Album cover: The urban cats’ photo album, by Alain Gravelet and Crocus

The authors

Alain Gravelet

Alain is a man of passions, fond of long-lasting trips, especially in Asia, photography, animals, computer science, and writing of course. His work (adapting the websites’ contents to the handicapped persons, among them the blind and visually handicapped people) has gained him the professionals’ recognition.
Multi-faceted artist, Alain is also a photographer, and several long-lasting trips around the world have provided material (pictures) that can be seen today on his website (see www.gravelet.net).
Living on good terms with cats for a long time, an experience that provided inspiration for this first novel which is a kind of tribute to his most faithful friends.


Former student at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, Crocus is a freelance photographer. For some time he has been a specialist on writers’ portraits, and he is a photographic reporter as well. He has an artistic point of view about his topics. About the portrait photography, Crocus says it is a more intimate and personal type of photography. It does reveal much about the photographed person, but also much about the photographer’s eye.
He also pays special attention to cats, and wishes to share his vision with the book’s readers.

See his website: www.crocusss.net

Book details

ISBN : 978-2-918192-01-5
Size: 15 x 15 cm
Price: 11,90 €
Pages: 96 pages paper bound book
Photographs: 26 in black & white, and 82 in colours.

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Download for free “Mémoires d’un chat des villes”


My first novel, finalist of 3 literary prizes in France, is now available for free in digital version (only in french).

Download “Mémoires d’un chat des villes” .

Éditions Poonaï are closed

After 2 years of a great adventure, the Poonaï Editions have closed their doors in October 2010. The books are still available . Thank you to everyone who followed us.


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